Wolves of Faravid


Wolves of Faravid ry is a viking reenactment association, registered since 2008

The Viking Age

The viking age stretched from the end of the 8th century to the mid 11th century, when the activity of the 'northmen', the vikings was at its greatest. It's usually said to begin 793 with the vikings raiding Lindisfarne monastery in England. The era gets its end with two major battles in October 1066. The first was Battle of Stamford Bridge, where the forces of Harald Hardradan, the king of Norway, suffered a devastating loss against the English king Harold Godwinson and his men. A couple of weeks later, 14.10.1066, in the Battle of Hastings the English luck turned when William the Conqueror led the normands against the saxon forces.

Viking combat and combat shows

Wolves of Faravid practise viking combat with experimental methods based on the vikings' warfare both in far away countries and among themselves. In our combat shows a range of gear is presented, such as swords, axes, spears and bows, shields and chain mail and of course both single combat and combat between two lines.

Since the vikings didn't leave any written fighting manuals, our trainers use a range of different sources and methods. Later manuals give a baseline to start from, and by studying and trying out viking age weapons and gear it is possible to draw conclusions about their use. The fighters' condition and physics are improved also by using more traditional martial arts. The Wolves of Faravid try in every way to give a both notable and safe show, so that both fighters and audience can walk away richer from it.

Funeral procession of a fallen warrior

Wolves camp

In the camp of Wolves of Faravid you'll find a big tent with a campfire, among with tables and benches and up to six smaller tents in which the reenactors are living. All tents are hand made and historically accurate, and the same goes for the furniture and camp equipment. During daytime, after the shows, the warriors will display their gear in camp and tell you about the hobby and the viking age. During the evenings, the group gathers around the campfire with food and drinks.

Camp of the wolves

Supervised activities

The Wolves of Faravid want to bring the audience with them on a journey in history, and this is done by providing a set of activities that is supervised by the Wolves:


For all ages and skill levels, both for the members of the association and others who want to try their aiming skills.

Boffer fight

Especially popular among kids and young adults, with soft weapons you get to test your skills against the vikings!

Axe throwing

To throw an axe and get it stuck in the wooden target a few meters away is not as easy as one could expect. Along with axe we also experiment with throwing knives from time to time.

Guided by the members of the association you can try the same training the Wolwes get, and learn the basic showfighting.

Pikku-Jaakko and the viking boat Inkeri